Collection and delivery

An appointment is a collection or delivery – or both. You can make an appointment to:

  • send boxes or items for storage
  • retrieve boxes or items from storage

You can, for example, make an appointment to have your boxes of summer clothes returned, and you can use the same appointment to send your winter clothes for storage – then you only have to pay once. Just remember that you cannot use the same boxes for both, as you need to have the boxes you want to send for storage packed and ready to go.

You can make an appointment up to 12pm the day before (but no later than 12pm on Friday for appointments on Monday). However, you may find that there are no appointments left for a particular day. It is therefore always a good idea to make an appointment as early as possible.

On weekdays, we offer appointments between 9:00 and 14:00, 14.00 and 17.00 and between 17.00 and 20.00.

Due to the risk of theft and damage, we do not leave boxes or objects unattended. That’s why you – or someone you know – needs to be at home when we drop by.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer same-day appointments, but if you make an appointment by 12pm, we can collect your things the following day. Appointments for Mondays must, however, be made no later than 12pm on Friday.

Unfortunately, we do not offer appointments for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Yes you can – up to 12pm the day before, you can change the time of your appointment, cancel your appointment or amend which boxes or items you want to add. For appointments on Monday, however, changes must be made no later than 12pm on Friday.

No problem! Just log in to our website no later than 12pm on the day before the appointment (or Friday at 12pm if your appointment is for Monday). Then you can cancel your appointment or move it to another day. After 12pm, unfortunately it is no longer possible to change your appointment.

If possible, the driver will simply ring your doorbell. However, if the driver cannot find the address, or if you do not answer the door, we will call you.

If the driver is unable to collect or deliver your items due to incomplete address information, or if you are not home when we drop by, we will return your items to our warehouse. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for missed appointments.

You will have to schedule a new appointment on the website and pay for it.

Yes, as long as we also offer delivery to the other address to which you want it delivered. Unfortunately, we cannot offer to deliver or collect items outside our coverage area.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer delivery or collection outside our coverage area – not even for a surcharge.

What can I store?

You can store most things with us as long as they can be carried by 1 person (max. 20 kg and max. 1.5 metres in length). However, there are a few items that we cannot keep for the sake of legislation and security:

  1. Jewellery, precious stones, jewels, silver/gold objects, furs, art objects or other items of high value
  2. Clocks
  3. Cash, cheques and stamps
  4. Weapons, ammunition, fireworks or explosives
  5. Pressure cylinders, accumulators, batteries, fuel, flammable or explosive materials
  6. Machines that have not been completely emptied of oil, petrol and similar liquids before storage or electrical appliances from which the batteries have not been removed
  7. All kinds of food, plants and other perishable goods, or strong/smelly objects
  8. Animals or other living things of any form
  9. Illegal items, including drugs and stolen goods, or belongings otherwise derived from criminal offences or infringing third party intellectual property rights
  10. Sharp knives and kitchen utensils, unless the blade is fully protected
  11. Antiques, regardless of type
  12. Tires – both new and used
  13. Ashes, bones and the like from animals or humans
  14. All kinds of liquid regardless of packaging, such as shampoo, paint, spray cans, wine and other beverages
  15. Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers
  16. Barbecues
  17. Neon signs
  18. Items that require special tools and expertise to handle, such as
    • Pianos and grand pianos
    • Safes
    • Grandfather clocks
    • Aquariums
    • Pool tables
    • Photocopiers for business use
  19. Items that are not packed for transport and storage, such as items packed in bags, bin bags and open boxes
  20. Other belongings that may otherwise be harmful or environmentally hazardous, or which emit smoke, vapours, dust or odours
  21. Items longer than 1.5 metres at the longest point
  22. Items weighing more than 20 kg

It’s entirely up to you. You can store just a single box or item or many things. There are no restrictions.

We can also easily accept things that cannot be stored in a box – as long as they can be carried by one person (max. 20 kg and max. 1.5 metres in length). However, there are a few things that we cannot store for the sake of legislation and security – read more under “What can I store?”.

Yes, we can also easily accept furniture – as long as it can be carried by one person (max. 20 kg and max. 1.5 metres in length). Remember to follow our packing instructions so that your furniture is not damaged.

Yes, you can. If it’s small enough to fit in a box, that’s the cheapest option. But if that’s not possible, we can still store it for you.


Our boxes correspond to a large XL moving box and can hold 65 liters. It can be difficult to know exactly how much will fit in the boxes. So always order a few more than you think you need – you only have to pay for the ones you use, and you can just send the empty ones back again.

No. When you use our boxes, your things are protected in the best possible way. We can also handle them efficiently in our warehouses, which means we can offer you the best possible price. If you have a box where the contents don’t fit in our boxes, you can have it stored as an item. But you have to make sure that the box is solid and completely sealed so that nothing falls out of it.

All our boxes already have a label with a number and barcode on them, so you don’t have to put any labels on yourself. We supply labels with barcodes and numbers for the items you want to store. You must put 1 label on each item.

It can be difficult to know exactly how many boxes you need. That’s why we always provide some extra boxes – so you have them if you need them. If you don’t need them, we just take them back when we collect the filled boxes, and you pay nothing for them. You only ever pay for the boxes you choose to keep.

So that you can easily and simply send extra items for storage, we have added extra items to your account. You can use them together with the extra labels that you receive with the empty boxes. This avoids you having to make an appointment with us to come out to you with labels – simply put a label on your items and order a collection.

Your things are stored safely and dry in a DSV warehouse equipped with high-tech alarm systems, fencing, video surveillance and fire protection, so your things are optimally secured. We are part of DSV Panalpina – one of the world’s largest logistics companies with warehouses all over the world. We therefore have extensive experience in how to run a warehouse where everything is safe and nothing is lost.

For security reasons, only our own employees have access to the warehouse.

Your things are stored safely in a DSV warehouse in Korneuburg outside Vienna. For security reasons, only our own employees can access the warehouse. If you need access to some of your items, make an appointment and we will deliver them to you.

DSV is one of the world’s largest logistic companies and has more than 40 years of experience in operating secure warehouses.

Your belongings are stored in a warehouse with 24/7 video surveillance, fire alarm systems and electronic access controls. Our warehouse is not accessible to anyone other than our own employees. Assignment to you is only possible through the QR code on the box. There is no other label indicating the connection between you and the box.

To get your things back, simply log in to our website, select the boxes or items you want returned and make an appointment at a time that suits you.

No problem! That’s one of the good things about us. If you only need a single box or item, we can deliver it to you. However, we cannot open a box and find a specific item in the box for you, as we never open boxes. In this case, you have to have the whole box returned.

Just log in and add extra items to your account. Then we’ll drop some labels off, although you may of course already have labels left over from your last order, in which case you just need to book a collection. If you need extra boxes, simply order them. Delivery of empty boxes and labels is free.

We can do that on request – please contact us on smarterstorageaustria@dsv.com

Try to distribute weight evenly between all your boxes. Distribute heavy objects, such as books, between several boxes so that you avoid your boxes weighing more than 20 kg.

Our boxes are 60 cm long, 40 cm wide and 36.7 cm high (external dimensions) with room for 65 litres. If you need to store heavier items such as books, remember to distribute them between several boxes to avoid the weight exceeding 20 kg.

If you are in doubt about how many boxes you need, just order all the extra boxes you want. You only pay for the boxes you end up sending for storage. Any boxes you don’t use can just be given back to us when we come to collect your items – it costs nothing.

Once you’ve got your boxes back and unpacked them, we’ll need you to return the empty boxes. If you only have a few boxes (up to 5) and expect to have them stored with us again in the future, you are very welcome to just keep them. If you have more than 5 empty boxes or don’t expect to store your things with us again, you must make an appointment for us to collect the empty boxes.

No, we do not open the boxes you send for storage. However, we can open your boxes in very special circumstances, such as:

  • If we believe there is a risk of damage to other customers’ property.
  • If we have reasonable suspicion that the box contains items that are prohibited under our terms of business.
  • If we have a legal obligation to open them – for example if presented with a court order.

If we have opened one of your boxes, you will be notified, and we have full documentation of what has been opened from our video surveillance.

The boxes are sealed by you with an enclosed seal to prevent unauthorized access. The boxes are not fireproof. Your belongings are stored in a warehouse with 24/7 video surveillance, fire alarm systems and electronic access controls. Our warehouse is not accessible to anyone other than our own employees. Assignment to you is only possible through the QR code on the box. There is no other label indicating the connection between you and the box.


Instead of having to own or rent a large car and spend a lot of time lugging and driving your things to self-storage, you can have your things collected from your home. And you only pay for the boxes or items you put in storage.

We offer Smarter Storage in Greater Vienna (postcodes 1010-1300)

We do! We have extensive experience working with companies – both big and small. So whether you need to store stock, marketing materials or document archives, we can help.

If you need more boxes, just go to our website and order them. It doesn’t cost anything to have empty boxes delivered. And it’s always a good idea to order a few more than you think you need – you only pay for the ones you use, and you can just send the empty ones back.

Prices & conditions

We do not have a lock-in period, but you pay for 1 month of storage starting on the day you send boxes or items for storage, and then for each new month where you have boxes or items in storage.

Here’s an example:

If you send boxes or items for storage on 15 March, you will pay for 1 month of storage until 15 April, where you will again pay for 1 month of storage until 15 May. If you choose to have all your belongings returned to you on 1 May, you will still pay for storage until 15 May – but then after that you pay nothing.

The monthly cost depends on the number of boxes and/or items you store. If you have boxes or items returned during an invoice month, you still pay for storage for the remainder of the invoice period (up to 1 month), but not for subsequent months.

If you add extra boxes and/or items during a month, an extra amount will be added to your next invoice.

Example: Let’s say you send 10 boxes for storage on 10 November. On that day, you will be charged 32,5 € for storing 10 boxes for a month. If you add 1 extra box on 20 November, the cost (in this case 2,17 €) will be added to your next invoice on 10 December for storing 1 box for 20 days.

You can pay with Visa and MasterCard on our website. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in other ways.

If you do not have any boxes or items in storage, you do not pay anything. However, your account information will still be stored with us so that you can easily send something for storage again. If you want to have your account information deleted, you can do this by writing to us. However, even if you request that your information be deleted, we will still be required by law to retain certain data about you for a period of time. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

Smarter Storage owns the boxes. You therefore only have them on loan and may not pass them on to others.

No – you do not have to pay a deposit.

If your card is about to expire – or if for some reason you no longer use it – you can easily and simply update your card information on our website after you have logged in.

In order to get your things returned from storage, you have to make an appointment – this costs 9,90 €.

The first time you are charged for storage is the day your first box or item is sent for storage.

You will be invoiced on the same date each month based on the date you first sent something for storage. For example, if your first collection was on 26 October, you will be billed on the 26th of each subsequent month.

DSV Smarter Storage uses Stripe, a secure and encrypted payment solution, to handle credit or debit card payments. Your payment is automatically processed every month on your invoice date using the payment option you have stored in your account.

You can update your payment method once you have logged in to your account.

Your payment is automatically deducted each month from the card you added to your profile. If your card expires or is blocked, it is important that you log in and add a new card. If you don’t do this, we will not be able to deduct your payment, and you will receive a reminder to log in and add a new card.

You can always add extra boxes or items for storage. You must pay the monthly fee for those boxes or for any boxes you add, as well as the appointment fee (9,90 €) when you need to have your things collected.

In order to get boxes or items returned from storage, you must make and pay for an appointment, which costs 9,90 €.

Yes, unfortunately we do not offer refunds for any storage that you have already paid for in the current invoice period. But obviously you will not pay for subsequent periods.

Unfortunately, payment can only be made by card on our website.

All our prices include 20% VAT

In addition to what you pay to have your belongings stored and have them transported back and forth, it is only in very few and very special cases that you have to pay extra. If we cannot deduct the payment from your card, and you still do not pay despite a reminder, there will be a reminder fee of 25 €. If you have empty boxes left at home that you do not send back, we will write to you and ask you to send them back to us. If you do not do this, we will charge you 50 € per box, which you can then keep.

Your account

After logging in to our website, you can change your address, telephone number or password.

Before sending boxes or items for storage, you should take a picture of them. The picture will then be in your account, so you always have an overview of what you have in storage. This way, you can make sure you have the right item or box returned to you.

List of charges

(VAT included)

Rent per box: 3,25 € per month

Rent per item: 7 € per month

Pick-up/Delivery: 9,90 €

Delivery of empty boxes: 0 €

Reminder Fee: 25 € for each reminder

Unreturned boxes:  50 € per box

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