Use the space on what provides value
- and let us handle the archive

Fair pricing

You only pay for the things you store and not for space you don’t use


There is no lock-in period and you can always change how much you store

Endless options

You can store almost anything, such as inventory, marketing material, accounts and other archives

High security

DSV is the world’s 3rd largest logistics company and has more than 40 years of experience in the safe design of warehouses. Our warehouses have video surveillance, fire protection and guards – and only our own employees have access to them. So you can safely count on what you send for storage is in safe hands.

Easy when you need something back

Do you need something in storage? Just go to our website and order a delivery. Order before 12 and we will come by the next weekday.

And on your profile you can put pictures and descriptions of everything you have sent for storage so you can easily find what you need again.

Possible to pay by invoice

All the customers can pay by credit card, but if you order for a company and prefer paying by invoice you can apply for that option.

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How it works


Order boxes on this page. We deliver them.


Fill the boxes and order a pick-up.


Log in and order a return, when you need your stuff back.

Do you need a receipt from May 2019? No problem!
Just go to your profile and select the box with receipts from May 2019. Then we will come by with it the next day!


Use the archive space for extra workstations – or perhaps a larger lunch room for employees?


Have your stock stored with us so you can use m2 to exhibit your goods. When you need some of the items, you can easily order the right items at home and we will come by with them.


Even though much is digital, you may still have a lot of documents lying around and taking up space?

Save m2 and have it stored at Smarter Storage instead.

Or write to us if you will like to know more