Storage tips and tricks

Think ahead - make the most of the space you have

You cleaned your goods and have protective material, storage bins and boxes on hand. Now, you just need to get them to your storage unit, hope everything fits, and lock the door.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Successful storage is about making most of the space you have and planning for the day when you need to take things out again.

Make your own successful storage plan with these tips:
Plan ahead and stick to the plan Note the contents of each box and where each box is stored. Make two copies of each note – one to attach to the boxes and another to keep at home.
Put larger appliances like washing machines or freezers in your truck or trailer last, so you can access them first when you get to the storage unit. These items should be stored in the back of your space, so you can access smaller items that you may want to reach sooner.
Prioritise your storage layout in order of when you plan on needing things When is it likely you will want your winter tires, golf clubs or sewing machine?
Gain extra space by storing light and unbreakable items inside household appliances or drawers Place the items in the appliances or furniture after transport.
Try to establish a pathway in your unit to make it easier to reach and locate items throughout the space.
Make use of upper space by store larger pieces of furniture vertically.
Use shelving to store smaller items that require easy access.
Create a map of your storage space for a visual overview of where your items are located.

More tips

lej et depotrum

Keep your clothes in excellent condition

Whether it’s ski gear, kids’ clothes or the piles of fancy dress you know will
come in handy one day, storing clothes and textiles in self-storage is a
great way to free up some much-needed space.

opbevaring af elektroniske apparater

Give your electronic appliances a little extra care

Household appliances and electronics are expensive, essential and will
always come in handy for you or a loved one at another time. But if, for
now, they are taking up critical space, it’s time to put them into

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