Storage tips and tricks

Keep furniture and paintings just like you left them

opbevaring af møbler københavn
Self-storage gives you a space to put your extra furniture, artwork and other valuables while you work out what to do with them.

Follow these smart storage tips to ensure that your furniture and paintings maintain their condition while in storage.
Climate control is your friend Discoloration and moisture can especially affect leather goods, wood and glass items. Use our climate-controlled storage if you know your items will be stored over differing seasons.
Take as much apart as possible This will give you extra space and make transport and packing easier. It also helps protect your furniture, reducing the chances of breakage or scratching. Keep things organised by ensuring that parts are stored together. Seal screws, bolts and other fasteners in labelled bags and taped to their respective furniture.
Store clean items Dust and wash or wipe the items down before disassembling them and then again after they are taken apart. This is especially important for metal items that can tarnish or oxidise.
Paintings require extra care Store them upright, wrap them individually, and place them in order of biggest to smallest. No other items should lean against your paintings. Wrap them in a heavy cloth to avoid the moisture plastic coverings attract.
Cover everything with dust sheets before you leave This protects your furniture and lets it breathe – which is critical if you are thinking about long term storage.
Check up on your furniture every few months to make sure that your items are safe and protected.

More tips

Think ahead and make the most of the space you have

You’ve cleaned all your goods. You’ve got all the protective material and
boxes you need. Now all you need to do is get them to the storage unit in
one piece, hope everything fits and lock the door.

lej et depotrum

Keep your clothes in excellent condition

Whether it’s ski gear, kids’ clothes or the piles of fancy dress you know will
come in handy one day, storing clothes and textiles in self-storage is a
great way to free up some much-needed space.

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