Storage tips and tricks

Keep your clothes in excellent condition

Whether it’s ski gear, baby clothes or evening wear, storing clothes and textiles in self-storage is a great way to free up much-needed space.
Think of it as your walk-in closet – with just a little longer walk than usual.
To make sure that your shoes are ready to dance another day, it’s important to pack them correctly. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Keep them dry Items like curtains can hold a lot of moisture, so pay special attention to heavier materials. It doesn’t hurt to add a few silica packets to the box to absorb water and prevent mold. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative, use dried rice to absorb moisture.
Wash and iron your clothes before storing them Cleaning your clothes ensures that stains don’t settle and decreases the chance of attracting pests.
Think about how long you are storing the clothes for If you are only storing for a few months and are pressed for space, vacuum storage bags can be a quick fix. Over time, though, vacuum storage can damage clothes. Plastic storage tubs are the ideal solution for long-term storage.
Keep an inventory There may come a time when that seemingly insignificant t-shirt is vital. Re-packing a storage unit after a frantic search is never fun. Keep a list of what is in each box – and where. Find a system – whether it’s sorting the boxes by color, item, fabric or owner – and stick to it. Take photos, if it helps.
Choose cedar balls over mothballs Moth balls smell bad and aren’t good for children and animals. Try cedar balls instead. They contain natural oils that help kill the clothes moth larvae. You can add lavender to help keep moths away, but it will not kill them or their larvae.
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Give your electronic appliances a little extra care

Household appliances and electronics are expensive, essential and will
always come in handy for you or a loved one at another time. But if, for
now, they are taking up critical space, it’s time to put them into

Keep your furniture and paintings in tiptop shape while stored

Whether it’s ski gear, kids’ clothes or the piles of fancy dress you know will
come in handy one day, storing clothes and textiles in self-storage is a
great way to free up some much-needed space.

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