Storage just got smarter!

Self Storage has finally moved into the 21st century.
Making it easier, more affordable and smarter for you!


Storage Room

Get a room. Small or big. Come and go as you
like. We’re open from 5am to midnight.

  • Easy access
  • 100% safe
  • Fair price

You'll always have your DSV Smarter Storage Key on your phone

When you choose DSV Smarter Storage you can access the facilities with an app. This means you will always have your secure mobile entry key at hand. Pick up the DSV Smarter Storage Key where you normally download your apps!

Stop by when you want.
We're open 5am to midnight.

Whenever you go to your unit you should feel good. That’s why we keep facility super clean.

Blushøjvej 9

2450 København SV

  • Easy and instant access with our app
  • Easily share your access with your trusted ones
  • Customer service on call during all opening hours
  • Climate Controlled
  • Video Surveillance
  • Elevators
  • Trolleys
  • Optional insurance
  • No hidden fees
  • Fair pricing

Fair pricing and far more convenient

If you like smart things, you might agree that old-school self-storage has room for improvement

We agree. That’s why we created Smarter Storage. It’s more affordable than traditional self-storage and far more convenient. For instance, when you rent a storage box you don’t even need to transport your goods. In fact, we bring the storage box to your house -for easy packing. Let us know where to bring it and when to pick it up, and we will! Easy, straightforward, smart.


Handy storage tips

We will take very good care of your things while they are stored with us.

But you can also do something yourself, that makes a little difference. You can think about how to best pack your stuff. If you want to store clothes, then we have some great tips on how to ensure that the clothes stay in premium condition. The same goes for electronics, furniture, paintings and other slightly fragile things. Click and get tips and tricks.

Why Smarter Storage?



Get the storage you need. No more,
no less. Instant access. No keys. Easy!

Fair pricing

No additional cost and optional insurance. No hidden fees. Fair!

Safe, secure and accessible

Rest assured that the new and secured
facility will keep your stuff safe. You
have access to the Storage Rooms 365
days a year from 5am to midnight.

You have questions? We have answers.

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On our website you select what size you need, what day you want to move in and what insurance you need. After completing the sign-up, you will get a link to our app that you use to get access to your room or box. When booking a room, you will get instant access to it by using our app.
You can use the guidelines on our website to find out how much space you need. Do you find out after renting a room that you need more or less space you can always change your room to another one.
With DSV Smarter Storage you don’t have to worry about any keys. You just use the app on your phone as the key to get into your storage room.
You only pay the rent and the insurance – there is no additional fees.
Yes, you’re always welcome to rent more than one storage room. Just Log-in to add additional storage rooms.
You can assign access to your storage room to another person. You do that in the app in the section “Users” by pressing “+” in the top right corner. You can always withdraw access to other persons again.
Yes, we have free parking available on all sites
Yes we do have moving carts available free of charge to make it easier for you to move your stuff to or from your room. You don’t even need a coin to unlock it!
Our facilities are open every day of the year from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. We are only closed during the night.
You just use our app on your phone to lock or unlock your room.
You select what size (m2) you need. All rooms have a height of 2,7 m.